Skincare Self-care – Body Edition

Skincare Self-care – Body Edition

Hello Everyone, today i want to talk about body-care, skincare self-care is more than just taking care of your face, the skin on your body matters too.

Just as you care for your face, proper cleansing and exfoliating as well as hydrating of your body would give you really good, smooth and soft skin.

Before i show you my updated stash, For the longest time, I have used mostly Soap and Glory body products, as well as Alpha skincare 12% glycolic body lotion. And then I got into Bliss, I absolutely love this Bliss body wash, the WowYou body scrub as well as the caudalie worked great for me too, full review for products below here

these are some of my favorite body exfoliating products, the Urban skin rx body treatment (it’s a body lotion) contains 15% glycolic acid, it is more potent than the Alpha SKincare 12% body lotion. Read more about these here
This is my Updated Body care collection.

My basic daily body wash is the Neutrogena rainbath, I wasn’t expecting much from this honestly but We (my son fell in love too), have come to love it, especially the scent. I also use the Neutrogena body oil few times a week and on my son too.

I started using Toocool ForSchool body products thanks to Despina (Hey Love, you should absolutely check her out on IG @DessyDoll), but anyway, I got her body set from TCFS and fell in love with that coconut body milk, coconut milk smells too good guys, when I saw Nordstrom had the Coconut milky oil lotion on sale for 50% off, I grabbed one asap, no regrets!

Another body scrub I like is the Elements Of Aliel Awaken body scrub, it contains Arabica Coffee Beans, Moringa and African Black Soap and it’s a body cleanser too, don’t you love multitasking products!

I just got into the Amlactin body lotion, this is an exfoliating body lotion like the Alpha skincare and Urban Skin Rx lotions, exfoliating body treatments help remove dead skin cells which gives you smoother, softer and clearer skin. It contains 12% Lactic acid which helps to gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin.

Finally, I have my underarm products. I stopped using antiperspirants a few years back and now i just use deodorants. (Antiperspirants block sweat , Deodorants kill odor, so you still sweat but don’t stink).

The Curie natural deo is a really gentle but effective natural deodorant. The Farmacy Freshenup Deo is the smoothest deo I have ever tried, I hear it has irritated a few people but it has been the best experience so far for me, it’s cooling, slides easily and doesn’t tug at my skin and keeps me odor free for a long time too. The PfbChromabright is actually a treatment for underarm pigmentation and ingrown hairs, it contains a lot of good ingredients and potent acids and It’s actually working great, many people use it for the bikini area and have lots of good results too, so if you need something to lighten your underarms or bikini area, this might be a great option.

That is all I have for you today, thank you so much for reading till the end, please do share and even subscribe to my mailing list. Feel free to leave me questions or anything in the comment sections.

Some legal stuff, Some items were gifted, some links are affiliate!

Thank you again, Love you!


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