Skincare Journey / Pre Cosmelan peel.

Skincare Journey / Pre Cosmelan peel.

Hello everyone. So I wanted to make a very short post on my hyper-pigmentation and my whole journey before I decided on the cosmelan.

Hyper-pigmentation was my biggest skin issue, it was also really severe and was caused by hormonal imbalance/disorder and worsened by severe sun exposure (Wear your sunscreen people).

Just a little back story, my skin is fairly balanced, normal, I hardly breakout unless it’s my time of the month and it’s not even every month so asides the hyper-pigmentation, my skin is not so problematic thanks to me being very patient and consistent with my skincare routine.

I used a lot of vitamin c in the past and they never really helped with my hyper-pigmentation, since I started taking my skin serious years back, I’ve noticed a significant change in texture but not much in pigment.

Around May 2017 I started using curology , it helped my texture even more thanks to the retinol but it never really helped my Pigment , my curology provider told me it’s best to go to a clinic since I’d be needing some medical help.

I started using over the counter hydroquinone 2%, by Murad and then urban Skin rx and they both worked really well (urban skin rx worked even better) but it wasn’t enough for my severe hyper-pigmentation.

June 2018 I decided to get help and went to a medial aesthetic clinic. They did a skin analysis with their machine and prescribed me 4% hydroquinone pads, after using it for a few months, they thought it was time to take it to the next level as the pads were just preparation for the main peel which would have been either perfect 10 or cosmelan.

We decided on cosmelan, a very intensive chemical peel mainly for severe hyperpigmentation. I’m going to talk about that and my whole cosmelan journey with lots of photo progress reports in a few weeks, until then, feel free to check my Instagram Cosmelan peel story highlight for all the photos (@Skinwithabiola).

Here’s a little sneak-peek, I did the cosmelan November 6, this was day 7 after the peel vs September 1.

I wanted this post to be really short and direct so i might have missed some things, if there’s anything you’d like to know, please leave it in the comments and I’d respond asap!

Thank you all so much for reading <3

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  • Hi dear, glad to come across your page. I am of African Caribbean decent and just like you, I have serious pigmentation issues. I have also embarked on the cosman journey inconsistently however, now I am using it daily unlike before.

    After childbirth, I really suffered with severe acne breakouts dark spots and just really rough and unattractive skin. I will definitely say that the cosmelan helped in removing some of the acne scars and my skin texture generally is a lot shinier… Although the acne was still present. I must add that I live in a very hot climate so results take longer than expected. I stopped for a couple of months and was using a Korean product called Miracle from Som Bi Me and this really helped to keep the acne breakouts at bay. I have now resumed using the cosmelan Mesoestetic products once daily and must confess that my skin texture is quite smooth now, however, the hyperpigmentation hasn’t changed much, but I will be patient, consistent and give it some time.

    Excuse the long post, I was just so excited to see a fellow black woman using the same products and dealing with the same issues as me. I look forward to reading your other posts and hearing from you.

    Peace ✌🏾 😘

    • Thank you so much for this, I’m so glad your skin is getting better and you are being consistent. THank you for stopping, it means a lot to me.

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