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Here’s my very first Favorites post. I realized I didn’t have a lot of new items I started using in June. A lot of them were repurchases and generally stuff I’ve tried in the past so this is going to be a combination of May and June favorites.

First off is Farmacybeauty Honey drop Moisturizer, I generally love heavy moisturizers but when it starts getting hot (hello summer), I like using lightweight moisturizers and it’s sometimes hard to find really light moisturizers that actually deeply moisturize your skin. It feels like water, my face stays hydrated all day and I don’t get greasy in the day. I’m not sure I’d use it alone in the wintertime but for now, it’s my favorite moisturizer.

Another thing on my list is their sleep tight night balm. You really need only a little. This balm melts into a really nice oil and I wake up to better looking and feeling skin. Finally, the honey potion. This mask is a face massage. It nourishes my skin and gives me a great glow. If you suffer from dull or generally dry skin, this treatment would improve your skin.  I am loving their eye cream too and of course the clean bee cleanser I just started. I’d share a review on that later.

Next on my fav list is the Fresh beauty Soy face cleanser. Before I used this cleanser, I always gave it out whenever I received it as a gift or beauty offer from Sephora until I tried it.  I love how it feels and just how gentle this cleanser is and I honestly don’t think I need a toner after this but hey I still use one. It removes all dirt and doesn’t strip your skin!.


Next is PCA skin weightless protection Broad Spectrum SPF 45 Sunscreen. I always reapply sunscreen when I’m not indoors, every 2 hours, like we all are supposed to!!!! Because of this, I don’t like my moisturizers having sunscreen in them because then my face feels heavy and dirty after I reapply 2-3 times. This sunscreen is so light, no residue or cast , has a lovely semi-matte finish and I just love that I can get protection and not feel like I have on 10 layers of moisturizer on my face.


The next items on my list are not new to anyone, the Drunk Elephant babyfacial. It’s magic in a bottle. This baby removes so much junk from my “clean” face it’s just 😱. I love using this Sunday nights to remove the weeks worth of blackheads and stubborn dead skin cells that might want to clog my pores.

The C-Tango eye cream is another fav, I was able to get a mini size and I’m loving it. I don’t have a lot of eye area issues but this has improved my eye area a lot! I love how silky it feels and leaves my eye area feeling lovely all day. It has also brightened my eye area.

Another item I’ve loved this past month is the Glow Recipe watermelon glow sleeping mask, this isn’t the most hydrating mask but it definitely works great, it exfoliates and brightens my skin overnight and my face feels really soft. Careful though, LOL, you would most likely wake up to some pilling.

Finally is the Bliss Marshmallow mask, as I posted on Instagram before, this mask is like a deep conditioner for your face. It’s a nice cream mask that hydrates and brightens my face. I do have a full review of this on my Instagram.

If you made it this far all the way to the end, THANK YOU! YES, YOU! You make this more fun for me and i appreciate you.

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