September Empties / Mini Reviews

September Empties / Mini Reviews


Hey everyone! Welcome back. Today I’d be sharing mini-reviews of some products I’ve recently emptied.

Fresh Soy Cleanser: this is a gel cleanser that gently removes dirt from the skin. I really loved this cleanser, very gentle and it actually cleansed my skin without drying it. I didn’t feel like I needed a toner to balance my skin because it didn’t dry me out.
Would I repurchase? Definitely but not now as I have a lot of cleansers at the moment.

Fresh Rose mask and Lotus mask: I have used these many times before so this wasn’t my first time using them and I’m definitely repurchasing bigger sizes really soon. The lotus is my favorite mask from fresh and the Rose is my second favorite.
The Rose mask is a very refreshing cooling, soothing, hydrating and toning mask. I also love that you can use it daily.

The lotus youth preserve mask leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and looking so radiant. It is great for texture and just general skin dullness.

Next on my empty list is the Fresh black tea eye cream, I didn’t notice anything extraordinary but maybe it’s because I have zero eye-area problems. It really did a great job at hydrating my eye area. I wouldn’t repurchase just because I don’t absolutely need it.


Son and park Beauty Water : I absolutely love this. Used it many times before. Already repurchased the full size. I love using it after my cleanser and masks. Before my other toner, it’s my last cleansing step. It picks up all that last dirt and leaves my skin clean. Some mornings when I’m absolutely lazy to do my routine, this beauty water replaces my cleanser and does a great job.

Sunday Riley Tidal: loved this moisturizer for summer, it’s lightweight but very hydrating and contains amazing ingredients that brightens your skin. I already have a mini size on the way. It’s winter here already with all the snow so I’d be reaching for heavier moisturizers but I also make this work by mixing oils into it like the Sunday Riley Juno oil. It didn’t clog my pores or irritate my skin.

Good Science Beauty purifying cream: I have a full review of this on my Instagram, you really need to see it, I absolutely love this product and love how it works great with other products. It fits perfectly into my routine and I do have another on the way, everyone I’ve recommended this to always tells me how great it’s working for them. Feel free to check it the full review.

Niod Modulating Glucosides, if you have sensitive skin, you need this serum. A friend gave me this and it was a time I had just hurt my skin and needed help with sensitivity, this helped repair my moisture barrier and addressed all my sensitivity issues. I may repurchase later in future but right now I have the stratia liquid gold so I use that once in a while.

WOW you beauty Vit-Sea body scrub: let’s just say I love this brand and every product I’ve tried from them has been amazing. This scrub did a great job, left my skin feeling soft and smooth! I do Love their coffee scrubs even more.

Tula Cleanser, I liked this a lot, I don’t care for the scent but overall it was a good cleanser, would I repurchase? Probably not. Plus I think you’d enjoy this more if you have oily/acne prone skin.

Tula glycolic resurfacing gel, this I would absolutely buy again sometime, it has 10% glycolic acid but still feels really gentle on the skin and over time my skin felt smoother and looked brighter. It is a wonderful exfoliating toner.

That is all for today lovers, feel free to check out my Instagram for reviews on these products and if there’s any you want a more comprehensive review on, please let me know in the comment section. I love reading your comments so please talk to me!!!!!

Thank you for reading…. I love you….

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