The lovely sisters of MEET Blume at Blume were kind enough to send me a lovely care package but Before I review these products, I’d start with the brand itself, Blume, they used to be called Elle box.
They are a self care brand and they make wellness products mostly for women on their periods. They make chemical free, safe, eco friendly, organic BPA free and FDA Approved tampons. Now they don’t just make sanitary pads and tampons, they make skincare products specifically to cater to your skin during your period best part is that you can either buy each product (everything here is under 30$) or set up a monthly subscription.

To the products:
MELTDOWN: Meltdown (26$) is a spot treatment that uses black cumin seed oil to reduce inflammation and redness on acne and scars. It also includes rosehip oil to repair damaged skin and rosemary oil to act as an antibacterial.
My thoughts: WOW!!! I was lucky enough to receive this when my period started last month, haha, I had 3 hormonal zits and I used this meltdown 3 times in a 24 hour period and my zits were gone! Love this. If you have acne-prone skin, aha, you’d love this.

Cloud9: Cloud 9 (18$) is a blend of essential oils, with a jojoba base and the active ingredient is Clary Sage to fight hormonal imbalance, lift your mood and reduce PMS.
My thoughts: fancy lol. I didn’t notice much (I haven’t used it long enough) and as I don’t get such terrible cramps but I did enjoy using this even after my period.

DAYDREAMER cleanser (14$), it is an organic, vegan, paraben gentle, moisturizing face wash for day and night use. It’s active ingredient is Moor, off the coast of Vancouver Island, which detoxifies and purifies the skin. It’s kind of like a Cetaphil, but without any of the bad stuff, smells amazing and leaves you glowy.
My thoughts: It reminds me of the glossier cleanser, I wasn’t a huge fan of that cleanser but this is a much better version, i didn’t like it at first because I thought it wouldn’t cleanse my skin well, but it has become one of my faves. Very gentle and cleanses completely, It did not break me out at all!!

HUG ME: Hug Me (12$) is a natural deodorant made with probiotics and all natural ingredients.
I switched to using only deodorants some years back, no more antiperspirants and I like this one a lot, even by the next day after morning running around and sweat, there’s like zero smell.😂😂


The best part about this brand is that you can do monthly subscriptions for tampons or pads, free shipping, 16 of each or even mix up, all for 10.99, and even better deal buying these skincare products as a set.
All items were gifted but opinion is all Abiola!! I do have a special code for you, if you’re interested in a subscription box or just any single items, use the code Skinwithabiola10 to save 10% off your orders on MEETBLUME.COM

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