Lather Caviar Lime AHA Cleansing Creme

Lather Caviar Lime AHA Cleansing Creme

Hey, darlings, a short review for you today. The Lather Caviar Lime AHA Cleansing Creme according to the brand is a “Luxurious, creamy foaming cleanser that reveals smoother and brighter skin”, before reading the description, I jotted down my Initial observations (like I always do lol), the first thing I did notice was the lime scent, so good, and of course how luxurious and creamy it was. It is a foaming cleanser, lathers up nicely and quite a lot, a very very foaming cleanser if you know what I mean. It is also very gentle and didn’t really strip my skin. I have normal skin, I don’t know how this would be on dry skin. It did leave my skin feeling smooth. It didn’t irritate or break out my skin.

The cleanser is infused with caviar lime which is rich in AHAs that exfoliate the skin. I personally love acids so it is only fair I fall in love with an acid cleanser that exfoliates my skin. It also did brighten my overall complexion thanks to the acids and it removed all traces of sunscreen.

I love the fact that the brand @lather is women-owned, also they are Free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and synthetic fragrance and colors and are Vegan.

I love how multitasking this product is and I think you would too. If you have tried it before, let me know in the comment section!



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