International Shopping and Shipping

Hey beautiful human, do you love skincare and are just tired of missing out on skincare products because brands don’t ship outside the USA or charge a lot to ship outside the USA?
I have a solution for you, for a few weeks I’ve been helping a few friends in Canada and UK shop in the USA and then repack in a box and send to them, they end up not paying extra taxes because I mark down the value and mark as gift (yes that’s risky because if your package gets missing, you’d not get the right insurance value) but anyway, I’ve had more and more people come to me so I’ve decided to make it public and of course charge a little fee.

The is how it would work, you place all your orders and have it shipped to me, then when you’re done ordering (my friends usually order for 1-2 months before having me Ship) when you’re done, I’d repack in a box and ship straight to you with USPS. You would cover your shipping fees, also, if you cannot order from where you are, you can always send your money and I’d place orders for you, either way, works.

This is a better plan because you don’t have to pay each brand to ship to your country, you, of course, find out deals when I share them and take advantage and you can order absolutely anything you want that’s not available in your country.

A little advice, the more you order, the more money wise your shipping fee would be.

Due to the time this is going to consume, I’m going to charge a certain percentage for each price range. I will need to see an order receipt if you order to my address to confirm what I’d be receiving and also be able to charge you a total percentage fee.

If your order is under 150$ , your fee would be 25$, 
150$ – 500$, fee is 15% of your total purchase
If your order is over 500, we’d figure something out 😉.
You can order from as many places for as long as 2 months before shipping.

Please note, this service is for people that have no other means of getting items, I know some people have families and friends in the USA, that is fine, if you have no way of getting items, I’m for you. 

If you have any questions at all, please fill out the contact form below and talk to me.