Hydrating Serums in Rotation

Hydrating Serums in Rotation

Hey loves, I want to talk briefly on hydrating serums and why I like using them.

So it is one thing to hydrate your skin (Think water-based, Humectants) and it’s another to moisturize, (think Occlusive & emmolients). This post is really focusing on hydrating the skin with hyaluronic acid based serums.

I have a post on Hyaluronic Acid Here, I am always very particular about keeping your skin properly hydrated/moisturized because a healthy moisture barrier = Healthy skin. Healthy skin is NOT acne or hyperpigmentation free, perfect skin is not the goal, healthy skin is.

These are some of my hydrating serums at the moment. I always use a hydrating serum before my main treatment serum day and night. (If you use a toner and essence, you’re fine, I just have extra dry skin and I am kinda extra too lol so I like to extra hydrate and moisturize lol).

So most of my routines are Cleansers- toner – essence – hydrating serum – treatment serum – moisturizers.

Most of these are water-based (hydrators), I still make sure to use an occlusive (currently using the cerave ointment, i do have other occlusives and emollients i really like).

I usually apply my hydrating serums over my essence while my skin is still damp.

That is all I have for you today, short and sweet, please feel free to ask me questions via the comment section.

Again, remember, a healthy and strong moisture barrier = healthy skin.

Until next time, stay hydrated, I love you……x

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