Hello darlings, another highly requested review is this Paula’s Choice SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA LIQUID EXFOLIANT, (side note: it’s available in full size 4oz, travel size 1oz and sample sachet size for 8cents, and currently on sale for 20% off).

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So before I start, if you have not yet read my two-part posts on exfoliating, please read at least PART TWO HERE. Ok, now that you know what exfoliating means and does and you now know the types of exfoliating as well as what BHAs are,(It’s all in the post if you click the link), I’d go straight to this review and share my thoughts.

According to the brand, “this gentle leave-on exfoliant quickly unclogs pores, smooths wrinkles, and brightens and evens out skin tone. ” For reference, 2% is the highest percentage allowed for over the counter BHA products and BHA can be drying. For the longest time, I avoided BHA and assumed it would not work well with my normal/dry skin, something happened and I got milia and some other texture issues so, after a lot of research, I bought the travel size of this and started using once a day and wow, I was blown away, it is the most hydrating exfoliating product I have. I did not expect it to be so hydrating, gentle and still effective. If you have combo/oily skin, you can definitely get away with using this twice a day, it also contains green tea which is soothing and a great antioxidant.

Asides from it being very hydrating (which was my biggest issue), it is non-irritating, it is a wonderful BHA product that unclogged my pores and helped a lot with texture, after just a few days of use, I could already see a bit of difference, the product applies nicely, doesn’t pill, layers well with other products and actually works for whiteheads, blackheads, mild to moderate acne cases and definitely did give me smoother skin.

As for application, sometimes I use my hands and other times I use cotton pads, I feel like cotton pads waste it and it’s not totally runny like a toner, I also consider it a treatment, not toner, so I put a few drops on my hand and apply to my face after my toner. Depending on skin type, you can use it 1-2 times a day. Don’t use with products that have 2% BHA , you can use it with products that contain AHA. MOST IMPORTANTLY, WEAR SUNSCREEN IN THE DAY TIME.

That’s all I have for you today, if you have any more questions about BHA, exfoliating or this product, please ask in the comment sections. If you aren’t already, Please follow me on Instagram and twitter @Skinwithabiola, subscribe to my Youtube youtube.com/skinwithabiola. Love you! Bye.

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