FootCare Routine x Roots and Bloom + Giveaway!

FootCare Routine x Roots and Bloom + Giveaway!

Hey Everyone, I want to tell you about my Footcare routine using Roots and Bloom Foot Therapy Regimen.

Many times we are so focused on our face and sometimes forget other parts, I’ve shared my body care routine and products in a previous post and today, I’d be sharing my Foot care routine, thanks to Roots and Bloom.

I know you probably think your feet doesn’t matter, it does! I wear socks all the time but I still absolutely love how smooth, soft and fresh my feet and even the soles of my feet look and feel all the time!

Roots and Bloom recently launched their Foot therapy regimen and they are all so amazing, so it includes Multi-acid Pads, Exfoliating Toner Pads, hydrating Oil and B3 Serum.

According to them , the process goes: Exfoliate, Polish, Hydrate and the B3 boost, they said to use the b3 boost once a week, but I customized the regimen and like my facial routine, I do my serum before my oil.

I Used the multi-acid for 5 days (actually I plan on using 5 days a month), this worked wonders as per exfoliation. DO NOT USE THIS ON YOUR FACE, DO NOT USE ANY OF THESE ON YOUR FACE!!!!

After the pads, I went in with the B3 serum, this is wonderfully formulated lightweight softening serum that helps heal & repair those dry cracked soles. You can use this 1-3 times a week (I’ve been using it every night after the pads tho haha, I love how it softens my foot and under my feet).

After the B3 serum, I go in with the hydration oil as the last step. Right before I wear my socks. (You know how I almost never not wear socks lol).

Alright so on day 6, I used the pumice stone to polish the soles of my feet as advised and that was an extra self-care relaxing step😉.

From day 7, I started using the BHA resurfacing toner pads every night before bed and then the B3 serum and the hydrating oil and so far, all that smoothness and softness has been maintained and it even gets better.

The first night I did this routine, I noticed immediate softness!

You know how I feel about infusing self-care into skincare to make it less boring, this is a wonderful way to not just care and repair damaged and dry feet and soles, it’s also a way to pamper and care for yourself during this pandemic and winter is here too lovelies.

Wash your feet, exfoliate, use the serum and seal it all in with the hydrating oil and you’re good for bed! I’ve been enjoying this extra self-care routine every night. So I feel great and my feet feels amazing. It’s a win-win!

So if you made it this far, yay! Giveaway time!!

3 people would be selected to win the entire Foot Therapy Regimen. The Regimen is a 3-step system that includes the 15-Pk Multi-acid Pads, Exfoliating Toner Pads, Oil and as a boost, the B3 Serum.

Rules are easy, must be following @ShopRootsandBloom on IG, leave a comment here under this post telling me your IG handle and which of these items you’re most excited to try, take a screenshot of this post (any part) and share in your IG stories tagging me @_Abiolaadebayo and @ShopRootsandBloom! That’s all!

This Post and Giveaway was Sponsored by Roots and Bloom, 3 winners would be picked December 1, 2020.

If you have enjoyed this post and review, please share and comment, that would mean a lot. Enjoy and I love You.


8 thoughts on “FootCare Routine x Roots and Bloom + Giveaway!”

  • Super excited to try out the exfoliating treatment pads. As a Muslim we set on our feet a lot and that has caused a part of my foot to have a dark spot caused by the pressure. I’ll love to have that gone and have smooth soft feet.

    IG: @day.sola

  • Really informative review. The Chapped Quarantine feet is real for me cos I’ve not been to the spa since March. I have a new foot care routine and will be happy to have the serum. Thank you!
    My IG is @tz_tory

  • I’m so excited to try out the exfoliating toner pad, it’ll work wonders for the obvious dead skin on my feet. I’ve been meaning to see a beautician that could help set me up on the path of proper foot care. My handle is @_miss_ojay

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