Brand Spotlight and First Impressions – WOW YOU!

Brand Spotlight and First Impressions – WOW YOU!

Wow you (@wowyoubeauty) is a UK cruelty-free skincare brand that makes naturally powered face and body items. They caught my attention via Instagram and I couldn’t get over the great reviews and textures of the products and very cute awesome packaging.

The very kind people reached out and offered to send me some items.  I have been able to test all at least once. I can definitely say it’s a win, great prices, great ingredients, and even more amazing customer service.

So for some first impression. All their items smell so good, no added fragrance or unnecessary ingredients. Overall, I’m very impressed with the brand and their products. I also love how their items aren’t targeted to a specific skin type, anyone can use their items for the general maintenance of your skin health.

The Zen Cleanser ($21) is Made with oatmeal and cucumber and smells just like cucumber. It is even gentle enough for sensitive skin. Really creamy and luxurious. Cleans well, it even removed sunscreen and didn’t dry out my skin.

Tropic like it’s hot ($21) is an AHA & BHA scrub made with pineapple and vitamin C, the Scrub smells so good. It is not made with microbeads so there’s no harm to your skin, it is made with finely ground pumice that gently exfoliates your skin, also very creamy. The scrub wasn’t as abrasive as I feared. Didn’t sting. My face was visibly brighter. This is My favorite item from the whole line and probably favorite physical scrub.

The super serum ($23) is a lightweight, water-gel serum made with ingredients that brighten your skin, protects it from environmental damage and also repairs your skin. ingredients like vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, green tea, rosehip oil, and blueberry,  Smells lovely, sank into my skin nicely also very hydrating. No irritation or clogged pores and layers nicely over and under products. I have used this a couple of times and so far, I’m loving it.

The woke up like this moisturizer ($23) is a retinol night time rich moisturizer with green tea and rose hip oil. This is another fav, it’s a bit heavy, the good kind of heavy, just how I like my night moisturizers, you don’t need so much, it does take a little while to massage into the skin but your morning skin would thank you! I’ve Used it more than 3 times now and no clogged pores or irritation just thankful skin.

Z’est la vie ($22) is a brightening exfoliating peel mask with pineapple and mango, it’s like a cold gel that applies nicely, it didn’t sting or burn, I like that it’s a bit cooling. It left my skin soft and bright and didn’t dry out my skin.

I also really enjoyed the Sugar lip scrub ($10) and the lip butter ($9), definitely helped exfoliate and hydrate my lips.

The Vit-sea body scrub ($22) contains Himalayan salt and pineapple that help exfoliate the skin and vitamin C that helps brighten . I thought this would dry my skin because of the texture but oh my! My skin felt so baby smooth and soft.

Babe body scrub ($22) is probably my favorite body scrub right now, it’s a creamy, caffeinated body scrub made with and coffee beans, smells s good and leaves your skin feeling and looking great.


They ship to the USA for $10 and currently have 20% off going on with code “take20”.

Thanks for reading and if you have any more questions, I’d be glad to help!

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