Author: Abiola

FootCare Routine x Roots and Bloom + Giveaway!

Hey Everyone, I want to tell you about my Footcare routine using Roots and Bloom Foot Therapy Regimen. Many times we are so focused on our face and sometimes forget other parts, I’ve shared my […]

All about BodyCare (Updated)

Hey Loves, so I have been meaning to publish all about my body care in a while, for my old old version, take a look HERE Just incase you did not realise, showering is great […]

Hydrating Serums in Rotation

Hey loves, I want to talk briefly on hydrating serums and why I like using them. So it is one thing to hydrate your skin (Think water-based, Humectants) and it’s another to moisturize, (think Occlusive […]

Review :  Good Molecules Discoloration correcting and Daily brightening serums.

Hey Love, so I used the Good Molecules Discoloration correcting and Daily brightening serums for about 3 months(last few days in January – first few days in May), I used the daily brightening in the […]

April Empties and Review.

Hello Everyone, jeez, it has been so so long! How have you all been? I hope well, I hope you are all staying safe. I have not posted in a really long time but today, […]

All about the Art of Double Cleansing.

Hello Everyone! So I’ve gotten a lot of questions about double cleansing and I thought I’d do a short but direct post talking all about it. Double cleansing involves cleansing the skin in a two-step […]


Hello darlings, another highly requested review is this Paula’s Choice SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA LIQUID EXFOLIANT, (side note: it’s available in full size 4oz, travel size 1oz and sample sachet size for 8cents, and currently […]

Hydrating Facial Sprays/Mists. Why, How and When…

Hello everyone. Welcome back to my beauty blog. So I got a request to talk about hydrating facial sprays/mists since I use them a lot.  First of all, what are they, I like to think […]

Some things About Hyaluronic Acid.

Hi everyone! Trust you’ve been good?! So today, I’m talking about Hyaluronic acid, many times we hear acid and immediately think “Chemical Exfoliants”, well this isn’t a chemical exfoliant. I am going to try my […]

Sunscreen Products in Rotation

Hey Loves, it’s been a very long time, I hope you are well! So, We all know sunscreen is 365 days a year right, not just sunny days right?! I don’t need to go over […]