April Empties and Review.

April Empties and Review.

Hello Everyone, jeez, it has been so so long! How have you all been? I hope well, I hope you are all staying safe.

I have not posted in a really long time but today, I am here with a new post, I emptied a lot of products this past month and I just feel it would be great to share mini reviews with you.

I posted a mini-review of the 3 Good Molecules items I just emptied HERE , on my Instagram Page, I intend to repurchase one or both of the serums later on.

The Deciem / Niod Modulating Glucosides serum is one I love to always have with me, I already have a backup, as usual. It’s specially made for sensitive and sensitized skin, it fixes the moisture barrier when you over-exfoliate or use any irritating products. I don’t use this for damaged moisture barrier, I love using it because it hydrates and strengthens my moisture barrier. I use prescription strength RetinA as well as all sorts of acids and this helps keep my skin healthy.

The Hanskin essence is how I get most of my daily dose of hyaluronic acid, I already repurchased because it is very hydrating and nonirritating, it is my third fav essence, the Cosrx snail essence is my Fav.

I loved the Fourthray “The Daily” moisturizer, I tried the good mood moisturizer but it is not as thick and hydrating as this so it is best for oily/combo skin, I have normal/dry skin. I don’t expect a lot from moisturizers because they are really just supposed to hydrate the skin, this one is affordable, works great and doesn’t irritate the skin.

The Celle cle brand is one of my favs and i enjoyed this mask, masks aren’t something I’d say splurge on but if you want a nice mask that strengthens the skin, this is good.

The elemis mist is a good, lightweight gentle antioxidant mist i really love, I’m not sure its worth over 30$ but if I ever see it on sale for 20-25$, i just might repurchase.

So finally, my Paula’s Choice empties, if you have been following me, you’d know by now PC is one of my all-time fav brands for so many reasons, they make affordable products that work great and backed with lots of research so you’re sure you’re using the right ingredients.

I have shared a lot of reviews in the past about my favorite Pc products, my recent favorite is the 20% Niacinamide treatment in their clinical line, this little bad boy really came when i needed it, I was having major texture issues early this year and i was able to test this then and I saw amazing results. The thing I love about PC products is they mostly do what they were made to do. The hydrating toner and mask were amazing for my skin, I use the mask as both an overnight treatment and a rinse-off mask and get amazing benefits either ways.

I already opened a new bottle of the Bha liquid, it’s amazingly gentle for daily use for any skin type.

I hope I covered most things, thank you for making it this far, if you have any more skincare or product related questions for me, please leave a comment below.

Have a wonderful rest of your week and please stay safe…… I love you.

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