All about the Art of Double Cleansing.

All about the Art of Double Cleansing.

Hello Everyone! So I’ve gotten a lot of questions about double cleansing and I thought I’d do a short but direct post talking all about it.

Double cleansing involves cleansing the skin in a two-step process to completely remove dirt , oil and other impurities. The first step is usually using an oil-based cleanser like a cleansing oil or balm (that melts into oil) to break down makeup, sunscreen, oils and other day to day impurities at the end of the day followed with a water based cleanser (gel, cream or foaming cleanser). 

Some of my favorite cleansing oils. The Fourthray beauty oil cleanser and Atrue cleansing oil

As we all know (I’m hoping we all know), makeup wipes are not very good for you, they push dirt deeper into your pores, irritate your skin, don’t clean your skin well and are generally bad for even the environment so please put the wipes down. 

Double cleansing isn’t just for days you wear makeup, it’s an important step in your night time routine, it also helps remove sunscreen completely from your skin at night. 

The Farmacy green clean balm is such a fab, also enjoying the solved skincare coco pads from a

Cleansing your skin properly is usually the first step to clear skin, a properly cleansed skin is free of dead skin cells, excess oil, dirt,dust, and other impurities that will potentially clog your pores causing whiteheads,blackheads or pimples so as little as this step might seem, it’s such a game changer in your routine. 

The cleansing waters in my stash, the pixi vitamin c cleanser and the TonyMoly cleansing water

Cleansing oils are great for even oily skin so don’t be scared but if you’re not a fan of cleansing oils, you can use cleansing waters and micellar water as your first cleanser by soaking in cotton pads and then following with your second cleanser. 

I personally triple cleanse every night, first oil, then my gel or foam and lastly cleansing water before using my toner. For the longest time, I used the Son and Park beauty water as my cleansing water, that’s such a good water cleanser.

So that’s all I have for you today, I hope you found this helpful. As always, feel free to leave your questions in the comment section and I’d get to it ASAP. Love you.


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  • Thank you very much for this article on double face cleansing, I have been using this technique for a few weeks now and my skin is cleaner!

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