All about BodyCare (Updated)

All about BodyCare (Updated)

Hey Loves, so I have been meaning to publish all about my body care in a while, for my old old version, take a look HERE

Just incase you did not realise, showering is great but mixing self-care into your shower routine is even better. For all skin issues like texture, dullness, acne (even body acne), hyperpigmentation etc, a proper routine of cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating usually goes a very very long way.

So I’d drop a few words about each of my shower essentials.

Two of my Fav body scrubs and shower oils

The Sunday Riley Charcoal Smoothie jelly body scrub was gifted to me by the brand, I have used it about twice and yes, I like it, I’m always worried about scrubs being too abrasive or leaving an oily residue, this did not and I enjoyed the jelly texture

My fav body scrub at the moment though would have to be the FAB KP eraser, I try to use this once a week and leave it on for a few minutes, it contains 10% aha so you get both chemical and physical exfoliation done.

The Dr Jart Body scrub is very gentle, physical exfoliation only too, it’s basically a shower cream exfoliant that you can use between your major body exfoliation. This I can get away with using up to 4 times a week or even daily.

LA Roche Posay kindly gifted me their new Lipikar Body wash and it has been amazing for my dry skin especially this cold weather

That is my second bottle of the Atoderm shower oil by Bioderma, I absolutely love this, it is great for even babies, it is gentle, sensitive skin safe and amazing for dry skin. No, this does not make you oily, it actually emulsifies and rinses off nicely without stripping your skin.

The other shower oil that I love is the Kopari Sudsy shower oil, I’m usually not a fan of scents but this smells AMAZING and feels soo good on the skin, i REALLY love this one.

The two body wash I have been loving are the Dr Jart and the new one by LA Roche Posay.

Body Care

I still use the PFB vanish but this time I use the ultra, I will strongly recommend you start with the original version before switching to the ultra, ease your skin into it. I still love it, it does a lot of wonders for my underarms. I’ve also been loving the Kopari coconut oil deo, no staining, no residue, really pleasant to use.

Just as I have a love their body washes, I also absolutely love the body lotions and oils by LA Roche Posay and Dr Jart.

I used the LRP body lotion many times before and it is truly one of the best and most hydrating lotions on the market.

As far as body oils go, this is my second bottle of both the Dr Jart ceramidin body oil and the Ipsum Skin body oil, both are truly amazing (obviously), I like to use body oils on damp/wet skin especially the Dr Jart.

The Skyn Iceland body lotion and FAB ultra repair cream are both formulated to work for both face and body but I really love using both for my body.

All of the products listed here are very highly recommended especially for dry sensitive skin or people needing extra hydration/moisturized.

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